Recent (2017-2018)


(Drama, 2018) - Directed by Stefan Dezil

Stefan Dezil returned to his ancestral home—Haiti—to shoot his 2018 short, Ayiti, the story of a man grappling with the aftermath of his sister's murder.

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(Drama, 2017) - Directed by jasmine ali

Selected by the City of Sacramento for a Creative Economy Pilot Project grant, Banned tackles the effects of the 2017 United States travel ban as told through the story of one Muslim family.

Still from Banned (2017)

Breaking NEws

(Comedy, 2017) - Directed by Ryan Adams

Breaking News follows the hilarious behind-the-scenes antics of a local tv station with all its ladder-climbers, interns, and daytime reporters willing to do anything to get to the next level.


2008 - 2016

Alone (Horror, 2015) - Directed by Julien Rendina

Donor Heart (Drama Short, 2013) - Directed by Taylor Grabowsky - premiered at 2013 Cannes International Film Festival

Goldie (Horror, 2012) - Directed by Benjamin Welmond

Static Shock: Blackout (Drama, 2012) - Directed by Stefan Dezil


First Kiss (Comedy, 2012) - Directed by Yulin Kuang