I write music for performance, movies, and other situations. The above menu will navigate you to samples of my work.

For those of you who have inquired about whether I will write for Bollywood movies, Spaghetti Westerns, or phone-service hotlines, the answers are yes, yes, and no. Please contact me to request a demo for your particular needs. Unless that need is waiting music for a phone hotline. Seriously, I'm not interested.

If you'd like to start brewing kombucha, I'd be happy to send you a scoby (please, please take my scobies, there are so many) and instructions. It's easy, refreshing, and will give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Unless, of course, you run a phone hotline, in which case not even kombucha can save you from yourself.

Since I have your attention, I think it important to know that only a wok will produce fried rice correctly. If you use a pan, pot, or other western appliance, you will screw it up. It will stick, it will burn, and the smell will linger for days. There are things that you can "hack" in this life; the having of woks is not one of them.